Aloe Ferox – The Aloe Unique Difference

Aloe Unique offers a stunning natural skincare range that draws from the powerful properties of Aloe ferox.

Indigenous to South Africa, Aloe ferox grows wild on the Cape and is therefore not subjected to fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides.

In fact, it has been used by the local tribes people for centuries to treat a myriad of conditions including marine and insect bites and stings, sunburn and burns, to assist wound healing, and to prevent or reduce scarring, rashes, and as an antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent. The crystallized form of the bitter gel is also used internally as a strong natural laxative and detoxifier.

While its cousin, Aloe Vera, is renowned for its healing and restorative properties, Aloe Ferox is actually over 20 times stronger and thus much more effective.

Many scientific studies have proven that the aloe penetrates to the deepest layer of skin and promotes the growth of new skin cells.

All Aloe Unique products are made from both the clear and bitter gels from the Aloe Ferox plant as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. Vitamin A stimulates blood flow and fades pigmentation. On the other hand, Vitamin B promotes skin elasticity and provides oxygen to skin cells. While Vitamin C is rich in anti-oxidants, fights free radicals and firms and strengthens the skin. Vitamin E is important for anti-aging and prevents loss of moisture.


Aloe Ferox has been used for centuries to treat a myriad of conditions including: stings, bites, sunburn, burns to assist wound healing, rashes, antiseptic agent, to reduce scarring, etc. It has been called “the miracle plant” and “a pharmacy in a plant”.


Aloe Ferox is cousin to the Aloe Vera plant, and is well known for its healing and restorative properties. Aloe Ferox is over 20 times stronger and thus much more effective.


All Aloe Unique products contain vitamins which enhances its restorative properties and contains vitamins A, B, C and E.