What is Aloe ferox good for?

What is Aloe ferox good for?

Aloe Ferox is a natural ingredient found in the Cape Aloe. It’s often used in health drinks and skin care products.

Aloe Ferox also known as the Cape Aloe, often gets used in Skin Care products & Health Drinks

For centuries, people have used Aloe Ferox to help with problems, such as:

•  sensitive skin
•  sunburn
•  acne
•  dry skin and eczema
•  pigmentation
•  red, puffy skin
•  itchy skin
•  skin irritation
•  insect bites
•  indigestion


How does Aloe Ferox work?

Aloe ferox has the ability to:

  1. Penetrate the skin deeply and reach underlying layers
  2. Stimulate new cell growth/regeneration

It contains a high concentration of amino acids and aloin, amongst other ingredients.  The hero ingredients are able to reach lower deeper layers of skin, to hydrate and soothe.

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What’s the difference between Aloe Vera and Aloe Ferox?


Many people consider Aloe Vera a miracle skin care ingredient, but don’t know that Aloe Ferox has 20x more bitter sap containing the powerful agent Aloin.

Aloe Ferox is harvested naturally in South Africa and extracts higher levels of nutrients, compared with the chemical process used with Aloe Vera.

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Benefits of Aloe Ferox


Aloe Ferox’s high concentration of hero ingredients leads to faster healing. Our Aloe Unique Gel with Aloe Ferox helps:

  1. Soothe sunburn
  2. Reduce skin irritation, such as eczema
  3. Soothe insect bites, scratches and minor burns

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How should you use Aloe Skincare products?


The skin care world can be a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to know for sure that you are putting the right products onto your skin.

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Don’t make these skincare mistakes

If you don’t get the basics of skincare right, it may be pointless to invest in expensive beauty products. Mistake #1 is not knowing your skin type.

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